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Excellent despite having a simple animation is full of originality.

Sad but beautiful

Excellent animation with a clear and well defined message.


Good animation very fluid with a good sound and an interesting story.

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The game is good with a simple artistic design and the voices are well achieved and despite being short (it could complete it in 2 minutes) the level of interaction is perfect.

MonoFlauta responds:

Great! glad you like it :) Sorry that is short, we just had 72 days :S but probably we will make a sequel, and will be longer :)

Thanks for reviewing :D


I liked a great collection of pictures change over the previous year and the many artists who came together.

The only thing I did not like was the bar that contains the author's comment if this is down and you put the mouse up and down starts rising uncontrollably.

JKAmovies responds:

Yeah, it can be a little glitchy from time to time. Tried a number of things to stop that, but not sure what will work.

Thanks :)

Touch the moon for secret medal.

Great artistic and sound quality, with good gameplay and a good touch of humor.

What good is having them back ;)

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Thanks! I see the medals are working, thats always a relief...

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Much power


undoubtedly an excellent piece full of power and energy that is mixed with the cold quiet of the melody.

EagleGuard responds:



Interesting bases are very moved and very catchy theme would remain perfect in some retro action game, but I think you should put a stronger basis on keyboard and put each sound with mastering only that would help increase the volume and quality that when we move to another format stays intact so if your weight will rise exponentially.


The best thing so far heard little depressed but with good pace and with that lyric so special that characterizes you, the soundtrack is according to the music but I think more could have been moved even if you try to listen carefully to the song you is perfect.

BigRed responds:


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Amazing work, i have to try Apophysis 7X someday, i use the 2.07 version for my works.

Good drawing with a correct use of color, but you should be more careful with the proportions, the arms do not have the same level of muscle mass.


A simple but efficient design, the part of the nose and eyes is fine, but the mouth has some inaccuracies (mainly in the area of the canines, and molars do not have the right size) I recommend you use a piece of charcoal and you give the shape of the tip of a pencil, is more efficient to detail ways in the skin and if you can take the measure of your face to a more realistic design proportions of your face would be great.

Sabtastic responds:

Oh man.. The teeth were a bitch to do. Something that would look acceptable one way, would look completely off if you turned your head to see it in a different angle! D:

The second time around, when I dressed up like this for a halloween party + concert, I actually 'sketched' out where the teeth should be, BEFORE applying all of the white/black face paint. Seemed to help out a lot.

Thanks for the advice!

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